"Divine love, as me, blesses and multiplies all that I have, all that I give, and all that I receive"

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 Unity of Toledo 
3535 Executive Pkwy (near Secor Rd)
Toledo,OH 43606
email- unityoftoledo@toast.net

A positive path for spiritual living


        If you are searching for a church where your personal path to spiritual understanding and growth will be respected, honored, and encouraged, you have come to the right place. Many people say that Unity is the “best kept secret” on the planet. Through the pages of this website we share that secret. So, if you are not familiar with Unity or with Unity of Toledo, we invite you to explore these pages and learn more about us. Check out the About Us page to become familiar with the Worldwide Unity message and with Unity of Toledo in particular.

We who call Unity of Toledo our church home have come from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. But we have all been drawn to Unity for similar reasons. At Unity we find a place that “feels like home”, It is a place where we each feel encouraged to explore our own unique expressions of spiritual Truth and to grow in spirit at our own speed in our own way and guided by our own inner knowing. In Unity we are each encouraged to seek our own answers to universal questions such as: Is there a God? If so, what is the nature of God? What is the purpose of life?
How can I learn to incorporate Truth into my everyday life?

      If you have searched long and hard to find answers to similar questions and have been discouraged by the some of the pat answers society gives, you may find Unity a refreshing and different experience. Whether you are looking for a place to explore the deeper questions of life, a place to connect with like-minded others on similar spiritual journeys, a place where your unique gifts and talents are valued as you put them to use to make the world a better place, or just a sacred sanctuary where you can relax and renew yourself, you are welcome here.    

          Please enter and see what Unity of Toledo has to offer you.






You're invited to j
oin us for Sunday Service at 10:30am 

eaturing music with our House Band




6th      Rev. Nat Carter    "Release the Resistance and Remove the Obstacles"  (Potluck after service)
13th    Rev. Nat Carter     "Redefine the Old Assumptions"       (Coffee hour after service )
20th EASTER     Rev. Nat Carter    "You Can't  Stop the Resurrection"  ( Coffee Hour & EASTER EGG HUNT)   
27th   Rev. Nat Carter                                                       (Y.O.U. Fajita Fundraiser Lunch & **ANNUAL Meeting**)

Rev. Nat Carter, a Transition Specialist begins his eight week stay with
                 Unity Of Toledo as of  March 23rd.

                          NOTE : Our Annual Meeting will be held Sunday, April 27th
                    Please get your nominations in for the Board of Trustee Elections!


* Passover Seder/Maundy Thursday Communion  Italian Dinner, April 17th.
   (tickets 10.00,RSVP please)

* Good Friday Meditation Service - Noon-12:45

*   Our annual Easter Sunday Egg Hunt is just around the corner!

*The UNITY ARTS COUNCIL Fourth Friday April 25th, 7pm presents
Dr. Douglas Schwan,Acupuncturist,Chiropractor,Author and Lecturer. (love offering)

      Be certain to see our EVENTS Page for complete listing of EVENTS.






































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